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Communities and Law Enforcement in South San Mateo County Voter Outreach

Local Issues Committees

Sea Level Rise

How expected sea level rise may affect San Mateo County, and how the County is preparing for it.

Contact: Ann Draper


Coordinating with other organizations on Menlo Park's Housing Element.

Contact: Lisa Conrad

Local Issues Updates

Comments on Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project EIR

The LWVBA submitted comments on the Peninsula Corridor (Caltrain) Electrification EIR. The proposed project is to improve train performance and reduce costs, reduce long-term environmental impact by reducing noise and vibration, improve regional air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide electrical infrastructure that would be compatible with separate later use for Blended Service (with High Speed Rail). Our comments addressed the need for documentation of how various mitigation measures would be implemented, ranging from air quality monitoring to the risk of flooding and sea level rise, to the need to designate a person or office to coordinate all of the required permits, and to consider the need for increased capacity for bicycle riders, mitigation of train horn noise; and finally concern about contingencies of delay in funding, should High Speed Rail not move forward in a timely manner.

Commuter Benefit Program

LWVBA supported the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. This is a pilot program that requires employers with 50 or more employees to make available incentives for alternative commute modes. A report will be made to the Legislature about how the pilot program has worked toward the intended goals.

August 2016 Comments by League on the Menlo Park General Plan Update